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The steeper path puts the Moon more directly above the Sun, increasing its altitude and visibility even when its apparent separation is small. Northern Hemisphere observers get another bump in lunar elevation when the Moon lies north of the ecliptic, further increasing its angle to the horizon. Perigee and apogee also vary the Moon's travels and appearance at crescent phase. While a perigee moon hurries toward the Sun faster than an apogee one, perigee also increases the Moon's apparent size, making the edgy crescent larger and easier to see.

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Perigee occurs on October 26th, another factor in our favor. Let's play this out. From Des Moines, Iowa, where the Sun rises at a. Its age at the time will be —15 hours minutes. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a shard so slight. My personal best is A half hour before sunrise in Atlanta, Georgia, the Moon will be a tad lower at 2. Denverites will see a similarly high Moon at —14 hours minutes, while folks in Portland, Oregon, will glimpse a 0.

Marine Serre: Futuristic, Under a Crescent Moon

The theoretical minimum separation of crescent visibility is 7. Of course, each hour that passes the Moon grows thinner, making it more difficult to see. New Yorkers have a relatively chunky 0. But by the time the Moon rises for the West Coast it will have slimmed to 0. Likewise the length of the crescent arc will gradually decrease. View from Portland, Oregon, a half hour before sunrise on Sunday.

No matter where you are find your local sunrise time and don't forget binoculars! Use them to sweep along the eastern horizon perhaps as early as 45 minutes before sunrise up to within 15 minutes of the event. It goes without saying you'll need a wide-open section of horizon in the right direction, east to southeast.

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  • When you spot the the arc, keep it in view while lining it up with a local landmark. Then lower the glass and attempt to see it without optical aid. Star-charting apps can't be beat when it comes to knowing just where to look to spot an object in the sky. This is the view on Star Map from my home on October 27th at 7 a.


    The dividing line is the horizon and the dashed line the ecliptic. Bob King. Knowing just where to look for the Moon can make a big difference. I use the free programs Stellarium and Carte du Ciel. They are back with their latest production The Greatest Showench. Lizzie is back with her latest play. After bumping into Mr Barnum in the hall of mirrors on the fair she has never been able to forget him, he told her he had this great idea about a circus full of strange folk, outcasts of society, women with beards and so much more.

    Miss Burlesque UK. Who will be crowned Miss Burlesque UK ? The feathers are set to fly as the selected finalists throw their sparkles into the ring and give it their all for the chance to win the coveted title of Miss Burlesque UK ! Gerry Colvin Band.

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    Folk-pop legend Gerry Colvin must be one of the most energetic musicians on the planet, just as much at home playing small clubs as he is supporting Status Quo on their acoustic live Tour. This multi-talented singer-songwriter performs all his own material, combining catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics on love, society, angst and Johnny Cash!

    A Glastonbury stalwart, he has played several times and also acted as compare on more than one occasion - just expect a great night's entertainment from this extraordinary performer. Once seen, never forgotten. Treasure Island The Panto. Join Jim Hawkins as he sets out on his quest to find the buried treasure - but can he outwit the wily old pirate Long John Silver?

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    I find it rewarding when I am able to provide students with an excellent education and teachers with the support that they need to be phenomenal educators and life-changers in the classroom. Since , I have worked tirelessly alongside members of the CIS Senior Leadership Team to ensure that our students are continuously provided with a top-notch education that will prepare them for college life, careers, and beyond.

    It is my firm belief that every child deserves a quality education regardless of their personal circumstances. In my role as Head of English, it is my aim to ensure that every CIS student receives an internationally competitive education that will equip them with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to succeed on the global stage. By harnessing the energy and enthusiasm our students and teachers bring to CIS, I am confident that we can continue to improve and develop together as we strive for excellence. Teaching is my passion and I appreciate the immeasurable impact that teachers make on the lives of students.

    I believe that the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom will be used by the students throughout their lives. Therefore, as a teacher, I hope to be a role model that cultivates in students, open minds, the knowledge and ability to look at the world critically, and believe in the capacity to make positive contributions to society. My many years of teaching experience have helped me develop a set of beliefs about how I can best help students learn and grow.

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    First, I believe that in order to effectively teach my students, I must know as much about them as possible. My teaching will be tailored to each student's preferred ways of learning so that they can all achieve to the best of their ability. As I'm a Thai Culture teacher I teach my students to experience the beauty of Thai Culture, manners , discipline and respect. Since becoming a teacher, I have appreciated how fulfilling and enjoyable teaching can be, the chance of being able to witness a student's development is extremely rewarding.

    As an educator, I endeavor to create a positive atmosphere where students thrive and can achieve their best as independent learners; CIS has helped me to pursue this aspiration. Therefore, I feel extremely fortunate to be part of such an inspiring school which is filled with influential, passionate and enthusiastic teachers and students.

    Furthermore, I'm extremely excited to be part of CIS's journey as we grow and develop together as a team. Through my two years teaching here I have learnt the joys that come from teaching children. It is my ambition to inspire them to become the very best they can be through my hard work and dedication to the job. We have such an important job as teachers and I feel privileged to play my part here at CIS. Furthermore it is my goal to teach children the importance of education through fun and exciting lessons to ensure that when they go on to further their education it is done with pride and enthusiasm.

    The inspiration to become an educator came to me in early in life. I was fascinated by how my teachers could help me understand and learn so many new skills and concepts. I found myself, as an 8 year old, imagining how I would teach a class. As an educator, my greatest joy is to see those "Light Bulb" moments, those instances that a student masters a concept or skill that not long before was completely new to them.

    This is my second year here at CIS and I am very excited to see what this year will bring for me and most importantly for my students. I strive to create a safe and positive classroom environment that inspires creativity and deep understanding. My philosophy as an educator has always been to create a positive and an inclusive learning environment that encourages all student participation and growth. It is my belief that each individual: constructs, builds, and acquires knowledge little-by-little through personally meaningful experiences and reflections.

    By providing meaningful and thought provoking lessons, students can reflect and talk about what they have learnt with their peers.

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    My lessons value learning by doing, and engage in hands-on, intrinsically-motivating educational learning activities. Through this philosophy, I aim to implement a growth mindset and empower my students in order to become knowledgeable and active global citizens. Teaching is not just a profession, it is a mission.

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    • I've been in and out of the teaching profession but somehow I always come back and glad to share whatever I have learned and experience to my students. It is in teaching that I realized that seeing my students achieved their goals in life is my personal fulfillment. Joining CIS as a teacher has changed my life and my thoughts about life.

      In developing an overwhelming passion towards education, teaching and guidance, I have learned and am still learning from my job as a teacher and from my students as I teach them. Through my teaching , I have the objective of making a difference in each one of my students, to help to get the best out of them, as I believe every child is a talented person.